Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Issue #2 is ALIVE


  • Found Items: Musical magical items for everyone
  • Malevolent Matters: A new CR 10 monster. Undead...or is it?
  • Missives from the Hold: a table for humorously useful flavor
  • Treasure Tables: Several pre-generated random hoards
  • NPCs Nasty and Nice: Theral "Papa" Quimby, human shopkeep (CR 8)
  • New Creature: Hugrarian Cat (CR 3)
  • From the Menagerie: descriptions of 18 new creatures in Quimby's shop
  • Local Locales: Quimby's Pet Emporium: Map and description of a pet shop
24 pages. A mixture of 3.x and edition-neutral materials. A little bit of crunch, a little bit of flavor, and a lot of fantasy gaming goodness.


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